Iker Casillas at UCLA | 24.7.2014

Anonymous asked:
oh, i thought it was a different font! anyway, how do you make it on a smaller size, then? :)

after you’ve typed your post, you click the button on the toolbar (above where you put all your text) that says “html” in small blue letters… then a window will pop up with the plain text version of your post 

put <sub> in front of the text that you want to make smaller and </sub> after it. then click “html” again and you’re done :)

i hope this helps!

Training | 24.7.2014

Anonymous asked:
hi! :) i noticed that on your posts, the font you use is different from the one that you just write normally. how do you do this? is there a way to change the fonts on posts? thank you in advance!

i dont use a different font?? i only make it smaller… is that what you mean?

Hi guys! I simply wanted to appreciate you for making my dashboard such an enjoyable place that keeps me up at night. Every single one of you is very special and I’m very pleased with the opportunity of following you. I also want to mention the anon that encouraged me to do this ff. Thank you all so much! :) 

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Iker Casillas at UCLA | 24.7.2014 (video) (translation)

Marco Reus asked by anonymous

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
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